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Source of tools

Name of the tool
Participatory Assessment Process (PAP)

Where is tool available from
The PAP is discussed and outlined within:
Hinshelwood E and McCallum D (2001a) Consulting Communities: A Renewable Energy Toolkit ETSU K/BD/00236/REP/S DTI/Pub URN 01/1067.
Hinshelwood E and McCallum D (2001b) Examining approaches to renewables consultation, Lessons from Awel Aman Tawe Community Wind farm project ETSU K/BD/00236/REP DTI/Pub URN 01/1068.

When was the tool produced
The tool was introduced and used between June 2000 and May 2000

Is support provided
No support is provided, but the reports are comprehensive.

Organisation/s that developed the tool and country of origin
Public consultation is a general concept, but the Participatory Assessment Process (PAP) has been developed by Awel Aman Tawe (AAT) in Wales, UK.

Is the tool newly developed or based on an exisiting tool
The PAP is based on the general concept of public consultation. Using the PAP provides a format to the consultation process.

Cost of the full tool
Both the reports are available separately (but as whole documents only) for free download.