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Source of tools

Name of the tool
Municipal Target Criteria (one of Two)

Where is tool available from
Ganka Peneva
Expert in the Green infrastructure department, 9300 Dobrich, 12, Bulgaria blvd
Tel: +359 58 600 705
Fax: +359 58 601 207

When was the tool produced
The tool is produced to choose project of the Municipality to apply for grants from the BBP, which began in 2000. The evaluation criteria in the tool are updated every year according to the national target requirements of the BBP.

Is support provided
The tool is easy to use and no special training is needed

Organisation/s that developed the tool and country of origin
Dobrich Municipality, Bulgaria

Is the tool newly developed or based on an exisiting tool
The tool is newly developed.

Cost of the full tool
The tool can be used for free.