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Source of tools

Name of the tool
BRE Sustainability Checklist for developments: A common framework for developers and local authorities

Where is tool available from
The checklist can be obtained from ( a price of £50.

(Alternatively the web based (reorganised) version, a service provided by the South East Development Agency (SEEDA), is available for download for no charge from

When was the tool produced
The paper based tool was produced in 2002, and this version has not been upgraded.
The web based version was produced in 2003.

Is support provided
Information is provided on how to use the tool - help understanding the questions, the ranges of performance and the suggested scoring values. This information is comprehensive, but also additional references and useful contacts are provided within each section of the tool.

Organisation/s that developed the tool and country of origin
Deborah Brownhill and Susheel Rao, BRE Centre for Sustainable Construction (DTLR & DTI), UK.

Is the tool newly developed or based on an exisiting tool
The paper based version was a newly developed tool.

Cost of the full tool
The checklist costs £50 and is only available as a whole document.