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Opinion of tools

Name der Fallstudie
The Royal Theatre "La Monnaie"
Das Königliche Theater „La Monnaie“

Name of tool
Environmental management Control Panel

Opinion of tool - argumentation for choosing the tool
During the GERMAINE project, the Management Control Panel was developed and they were searching for cultural establishments to be involved as end-users. Moreover, within their "decrease waste" program (prevention part of the 2nd Brussels Refuse Plan), the IBGE was able to finance new projects in new sectors. </p> <p>These 2 reasons have created the opportunity for The Royal Theatre to benefit from a methodological framework free of charge that will launch them further and further into environmental management.</p> <p>The managers of the Royal Theatre took the decision to assess impacts of their activities and to set up an Environmental Control Panel. The criteria for choosing the tool were many: the opportunity, a consultancy free of charge, eco-management concerns and also the fact that a sustainable image constitutes a good selling point,â¦.</p> <p> The Environmental Management control Panel has been implemented for four types of activities: local government, public institutions, collective kitchens and cultural establishments (theatre, opera, events). Only the last one is considered here. "La Monnaie" Royal Theatre, a practical case enriched the research with practical experience.</p> <p>In the guideline of the Control Panel, thematic-indicators for consideration are first defined generally. Then, six stages are developed to enable the user to adapt the process to his specific case- the fifth stage concerns the selection of adapted performance indicators. <br> Examples for Cultural establishments:<br> ⢠Number of staff environmental suggestions/Total suggestions Use : Informing the staff, personnel management<br> ⢠kWh of electricity/Seating capacity Use : Rational use of energy, environmental efficiency</p>

Opinion of tool - barriers for the tool implementation
The goals for using the tool were communication and management. The tool (Management Control Panel) assesses the impacts of the Theatre in operation, to increase awareness and to quantify things but it still remains difficult to change the routine and make all stakeholders (everybody involved in the institution functioning) consider sustainable management.

Opinion of tool - assessment by tool users
The main improvement as a result of using the tool is that the TRM has been stimulated towards a more sustainable management. Environmental performance indicators give accurate information about the situation and its evolution. The diagnosis led to various actions to reduce the environmental impact.
Example: use of recycled paper for internal documents : 40 times less wood, 2-3 times less energy used, 30 times less water used and water is 10 times less polluted

TRM has already reached the first level (of 3) of Brussels Corporate Eco-dynamism Label and has signed the eco-charter.

Sodexho (the private company that manages the canteen) decided to apply the ISO 14001 norm in order to be involved more deeply in eco-management

Routines are not easy to change, but performance Indicators could help, particularly when comparing them to well known references. This can make people aware of their day-to-day impact on the environment.

This tool focuses on specific activities (SME?s, Microbusinesses, Public sector, etc), providing them with a flexible and adapted tool where there was no methodological help. European standard procedures are too time and money consuming.

This tool is easily transferable to similar activities in other cities. Performance indicators have been developed to be useful in future development of standard European procedures (EMAS, ISO 1400, etc?). The Control Panel promotes the first accessible step to sustainability.

The concept of eco-management is broadening out into a sustainable concept that demands to integrate more and more economical and social aspects.

The actors would recommend the tool because the experience is easily transferable to similar activities and it enables to reduce environmental impact reducing often expenditure. For certain employees it is valuable to involve themselves concretely in the management of their institution.

Opinion of tool - reviewer\'s assessment
This tool focused on relatively marginal domains which are nevertheless decisive and encouraged for the future economic development of cities' centers: services, SMEs, Microbusinesses, Public sector.

The standard eco-management procedures (EMAS, ISO 14001, etc) are too complex for those kinds of activities. Yet, all the players on the economic level are without exception, invited to adopt sustainable measures. The Environmental Management Control Panel crosses this gap.

For a global urban management, it could be interesting to sum the impacts of all cultural infrastructures in the city, for instance, to compare with others urban activities.

Welche Tools wurden verwendet, um Nachhaltigkeit zu beurteilen?

Environmental management Control Panel

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