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Project description

Name der Fallstudie
The Royal Theatre "La Monnaie"
Das Königliche Theater „La Monnaie“

Description of context
This tool focused on relatively marginal domains that are nevertheless decisive and encouraged for the future economic development of cities centres: services, SMEs, Microbusinesses, Public sector, etc.

Standard European eco-management procedures exist (EMAS, ISO 14001, etc) but they are often too complex to be used by these kinds of end-users (services, SMEs, Microbusinesses, Public sector, etc) . Yet, all the players on the economic level are without exception, invited to adopt sustainable measures. The Environmental Management control Panel aims to cross this gap.

At the regional level, The Brussels Corporate Eco-dynamism Label and Charter has been created. They are voluntary agreements concluded between the IBGE (Brussels regional environmental authority) and proactive businesses. The company undertakes to implement good eco-managerial practice progressively. The IBGE undertakes to make a series of supporting measures available to companies (training, information, etc.) and to publicize the results obtained. This flexible system consists of 3 levels of labeling corresponding to successive stages in eco-management. ( It has stimulated the Royal Theatre in the sustainable process and the theatre has already reached the first level.

Description of project - background
The upheaval in the economy attributable to information technology and market globalisation is changing management methods. Inter-company initiatives and gestures are becoming more and more standardised. The use of marketing tools such as EMAS or ISO 14001 is also challenging new sectors such as services, small and micro-businesses and public-sector institutions. It is necessary to develop simpler, more appropriate management tools in order to be ready for this development.
Within this context, the scientific, technical and cultural departments of the [Belgian] federal government (SSTC) have sponsored a two-year applied research project called GERMAINE.
This project includes two approaches for the use of environment performance indicators:
? As a management tool, and:
? As a concise environmental information tool.

The project is targeting businesses in the service sector, including very small businesses and public-sector institutions and allows participating businesses to benefit from environmental consultancy services to establish environmental management control panels. As a Cultural establishment, the TRM applied and was selected.

Description of project - objectives/aims
Lot of services and functions are needed to make such a cultural institution work: different SMEs as well as Micro-businesses are involved in it (scenic workshops, costumes, offices, meals, press, transport, techniques and building maintenance, etc.). These activities have direct and indirect impacts upon the environment. The challenge here is to better understand, know, manage and minimise the different impacts of these activities.

Description of project - time interval and stages
This case was a project led from December 2000 to June 2001. At the end of this period a public report was published and benefited from a large promotion as an example case. This experience is ongoing as the Royal Theater "de la Monnaie" is now engaged in an eco-management process.

Description of project - financing
Eco-consultants from ABECE (Belgian Association of Eco-advisers) worked as environment experts with the staff implied in the Royal Theater functioning. The GERMAINE applied research project (which is the larger framework that has developed the generic tool Environmental Management control) allows participating businesses to profit from these free environmental consultancy services.

Financial supports were provided by institutions of public power:
? SSTC(scientific, technical and cultural departments of the [Belgian] federal government), as they financed GERMAINE.
? IBGE (Brussels? Environmental Management Institute), financed also the project as this initiative could be included in a larger program of "waste decrease".

Description of project - other sectors involved
Lot of services and functions are needed to make such a cultural institution work: different SMEs as well as Micro-businesses are involved in it (scenic workshops, costumes, offices, meals, press, transport, techniques and building maintenance, etc.).

Various sectors are thus concerned and Environmental performance indicators of the Management Control Panel could be defined for the following domains:
Air / Refuse / Energy / Water and sewage / Odors / Noise / Complaint management / Training /Transport /Environmental cost.

Welche Tools wurden verwendet, um Nachhaltigkeit zu beurteilen?

Environmental management Control Panel

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