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Project summary

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Green Diploma, certification for sustainable building operation

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Building operation, certification

Short description of the case study
Green Diploma is a new concept for environmental certification of existing buildings. The Green Diploma has been developed by the National Organisation for Housing Associations (Boligselskabernes Landsforening, BL), with the Danish Centre for Urban Ecology (DCUE). It was launched in the autumn of 2003, and is therefore just in the initial stage, where the first experiences are being made. So far, 9 housing departments and housing associations have achieved the diploma. Green Diploma helps to visualise the environmental efforts, and give the department (or association) a green profile. When the diploma is achieved, it lasts for 2 years and then it has to be revised. To achieve the diploma the following is required:
• Formulate an Environmental Management Plan (defining focus and goals for the environmental efforts)
• Publish Green Accounts
• Communicate the results to the residents

The experiences so far show that it is mainly the departments who are already very active who have applied for the Green Diploma, but also that the departments have very different motivations for applying. These motives reflect the different social, economic and environmental context of the departments. It will be a big challenge to make the departments apply for the Green Diploma; however, the Diploma has a large environmental potential, as it is based on a continuous environmental efforts, and no similar tool exists at the moment.

It is primarily related to the PETUS key issue of Emission reduction for the building sector, but also to problems in the other sectors (for instance reducing use of energy and water in buildings, reducing waste, reducing groundwater pollution).

What tools were used to assess sustainability?

Green Diploma

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