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Application of tools

Name der Fallstudie
Ski centre Comprehensive Development Plan
Umfassender Entwicklungsplan für ein Schizentrum

Name of tool
Public Planning Forum

Description of tool - character
Case-specific tool

Description of tool - availability

Description of tool - existing
Based on existing tool - âPublic Consultation in the Environmental Assessment Process: A Strategic Approachâ (The World Bank Environmental Assessment Sourcebook), which describes good practice in the planning, implementation and monitoring of public consultation in the EA approach. (<a href=""target="blank"></a>)

Description of tool - adaptation
About 30 people took part in the Forum. They represented all invited groups of actors. The problems discussed mainly concerned the particular location and the dimensions of needed facilities; issues of economic benefits were also discussed; questions on possibilities and sites for future investment were put forth by business representatives.<br> The presentation methods used by the project team were attractive to the participants. 3D visualizations were clearer to participants than other graphic materials (maps and plans).<br> The attempt to involve participants in a real design process contributed to promoting a proactive attitude to the issues discussed and increasing the awareness on the complexity of problems. <br> Representatives of local NGOs, SMEs and local sports experts actively participated in the discussions. Owners of restituted forests were least ready for cooperation.

Welche Tools wurden verwendet, um Nachhaltigkeit zu beurteilen?

Public Planning Forum

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