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AMP 3 Process map

Positive comments about the tool

• The implementation of an integrated approach and the application of construction best practice techniques have been the key to securing a sustainable solution on the Gowerton Outfall project.
• The production of the Process Map within Morrison Construction required and indicated a real commitment to information sharing and the incorporation of sustainability issues into the process of each infrastructure job. This enables all staff to have a clear view of the decision making process involved within a project. This is supported by training to introduce the concept to new members of staff at all levels.

Negative comments about the tool

• More emphasis is required to be placed on recording the actual pathway taken throughout the process i.e. where modifications are made and this should be fed back to management groups to ensure that good practice is maintained and transferred between projects.
• Information from previous projects is not fed back into the project to improve the tool or to act as comparisons, as much as it could be.