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Cross sector links

All sectors use energy, there is a need for good management to improve design and management to reduce the amount of energy used.

A significant sector link also exists with waste, through potential opportunities to utilise biogas from waste recovery or energy generated from waste incineration. Energy can be recovered from waste by direct waste incineration, as a fuel substitute, materials recovery (energy released as a by-product of a process) or from waste disposal where fuel is recovered as a by-product (e.g. landfill gas). Energy from waste can make an important contribution towards sustainable development as a source of renewable energy leading to reduced fossil fuel usage and cutting emissions of greenhouse gases. New energy from waste technologies are being developed including pyrolysis, fermentation, gasification and feedstock recycling that will help to recycle waste material and also cut fossil fuel usage.

Green/blue impacts are also an important cross sector link particularly relating to the visual impact of energy supply infrastructure on the natural environment and potential pollution impacts of accidents occurring during the transportation of fossil fuels.

Renewable energy supplies in the form of wave power, hydroelectric power and the positioning of offshore wind turbines directly relate to water management companies. There is a need for cross sectoral working to ensure that these energy supply facilities are designed and operated in a manner that does not impact on water quality and related issues.